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My forgetful mother calls and tells me she did not get a visit today. "JODA (yes indeed)!" I say, and tell her what I read about her day in JodaCare: "You had a visit from Peter who works in community care. He cooked you meatballs for dinner." "Oh, that's right", my mother says, and remembers his visit. - Kristil, CEO

We want to empower human diginity for people with dementia disorders or other disabilities, and strengthen their relationship with with health personnel and family members. By providing this vulnerable group of people with consistency in their everyday lives through photos and dialogue they will experience a new sense of ease for both themselves and their families.

JodaCare is the solution for the challenges health personnel face when contacting and cooperating with informal caregivers such as a patient’s family members.


When you as a family member or other informal caregiver need information about everyday things like: what is going on in the assisted living facilities this weekend? How was work training today? Who visited my mother last night? Joda Care will provide you with a predictable day-to-day life.


If you are a recipient of healthcare yourself, live in a nursing home or assisted living facilities, you deserve to know that your loved ones and caretakers know the same things about your day. This makes it easier for everyone to know what you want to talk about.

Health personell

As a caregiver you meet a lot of family members and informal caregivers. With JodaCare you can feel safe about their expectations towards you and the service you provide will be perceived in a better way. You are better informed through a digital message book.


JodaCare has several features that make everyday communication easier.


Enables communication between the parties about both practical matters and cheerful stories from everyday life. All parties are updated through this feature, which makes collaboration easier and family members less worried.

Photo sharing

Photos can be shared with the entire circle. These photos can be nice updates for family members, and good conversation starters for later visits.


To ease collaboration a shared calendar will give all parties and overview of visits from health personnel and other important events for a given day.

Personal profiles

Provides information about a patient as a person, rather than focus on their disability or medical condition. This makes conversation and caregiving easier for health personnel. When family members and health personnel also have personal profiles, everyone know who is involved in a person’s life.

Available on multiple platforms

JodaCare is available on web, iOS and Android.

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Improved communication makes the family happier

In a survey made to most nursing homes in Oslo, Norway in 2016 there was a lot of interesting findings. It was especially interesting to read about the theme “Communication and cooperation between patients, family and the personnel.

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Visible carers improves trust

"Everytime I visit my Grandfather at the nursing home he sits alone in the same chair. He seems sad. If I ask him what he has been doing lately he says “nothing”. It is hard for me to know whether he is telling the truth, or if he has forgotten it. When I leave him he is left in the same chair. I feel sad and frustrated."

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We need to talk about "the book"

Today, it is not unusual that health personnel communicate with family members through written message books placed at the patient’s residence. It is there so that the family can keep posted on what’s been going on in their loved ones life. Also, to ensure them that somebody actually have been taking care of Grandma, as she does not always remember this herself.

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Kristil Erla Håland


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Line Federley Kirkemo


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Elin Sunde Wilberg

CTO / Developer

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Even Hus

Web developer

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Kristine Karlberg

Marketing Manager

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Christian Beck

Sales Manager

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