Alzheimer's Association Market
Research Study

JodaCare is an eHealth tool that connects the family members, caregivers, and health personnel who support people with Alzheimer’s. It’s a way to keep up-to-date on daily events, photos, appointments, and changes in care. It also facilitates communication and messaging across a group of people who need to stay in touch but may not often have the opportunity to meet face-to-face. JodaCare is currently operating successfully in Norway, and now it’s being made available for people in the USA.

JodaCare is very excited to engage in a market research study in the USA in collaboration with the Alzheimer´s Association. We will use the study to adapt our successful system and services from Norway to work well for professional and family caregivers of Dementia patients in the U.S. This market research study will look at the challenges and opportunities associated with bringing this service into the US market.

Taking part in this market research study would mean signing up as a group: the person with Alzheimer’s, their family caregivers, and their professional caregivers. Group members will be provided with free subscriptions to access a personalized JodaCare service through their phones, tablets, or computers . All necessary training will be provided. This study will run for about three months and participants will give feedback about the service in group and individual sessions about one month in to the study as well as at the end of the research study.

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