We need to talk about "the book"

Today, it is not unusual that health personnel communicate with family members through written message books placed at the patient’s residence. It is there so that the family can keep posted on what’s been going on in their loved ones life. Also, to ensure them that somebody actually have been taking care of Grandma, as she does not always remember this herself.

However, the problem with this book is that it is always placed where Grandma is. The family can only read these messages when they come to visit. This is not alway a possibility. Maybe her son has an urgent need to know something before his next visit. Or maybe he lives far away from her, and can not visit her as often as he would like to. He then has no idea of what is going on in Grandma’s life. This makes it difficult to use the written book for communication.

A small notebook also has a tendency to disappear. Grandma maybe has other places she goes during the day, or has a part time stay at a nursing home. In all the chaos of packing it can be hard to keep track of the book. This is obviously not good, as there might be information in the book that should not be shared with just anybody.

The use of these written books are still understandable, because they have been the best solution so far. But with JodaCare there is a possibility to make these books digital. Our first customer, a assisted living facility in Norway, could after only a couple of months tell us that they were done using the message books. This is amazing! By sharing messages and photos through our communication solution we make “the book” more accessible, dynamic and safer.